This is the end (tribute)

California dream project
Sculpture bois, serigraphie, photographie, resine

 Julien Fleurance a voulu rendre hommage aux victimes en alertant sur l’importance de développer les infrastructures et d’accélérer la recherche en mettant le développement commercial face aux enjeux écologiques de l’Île et de son littoral. Les pièces produites ont fait l'objet de récupération aux alentours des cimetières du sud-ouest de la France appelé aussi "La petite Californie".

The installation, «This is the end», is a message of the misunderstanding surrounding the death of several surfers attacked by sharks in recent years on the island of Reunion, France.
Many associations, including both the local and national media, have seized these opportunities to create a sensationalized interest amongst
its viewers. This approach however draws the focus away from the real environmental and human implications that contribute to the problem surrounding these tragedies.
Julien Fleurance wished to pay tribute to the victims and to alert the public on the importance of taking into account the presence of environmental damage by putting them in relation with human activity. All the items included in the exhibits have been recovered on beaches and cemeteries in the vicinity of surf spots located in the southwest of France.

                          Espace Cardin (Paris FR)